#RedOaks Reviews

AP_RO_social_TK_Twitter_03“…Turshen may be the breakout of the series; she recalls Elizabeth Banks with her comedic timing and heartfelt clear eyes, but finds her own beats to play. She plays sheepishness so well in moments, making blushing something of an art form all its own.”
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“…Wheeler is head-over-heels for the gorgeous lifeguard [Misty] in arguably the most successful subplot of Red Oaks. There’s a sweet, casual dynamic between Cooper and Turshen that’s incredibly likable… Cooper and Turshen don’t play it broadly like the Horny Teen Boy and Pretty Popular Girl archetypes we so often see, finding subtlety in the stereotypes. Again, this is a likable ensemble, filled with talented young future stars (Craig Roberts and Alexandra Turshen especially) and great veterans…” RogerEbert.com

BODY goes to #Slamdance & #Frightfest

“Alexandra Turshen is phenomenal… her moments of rage and resolve are simultaneously frightening and fierce.” Fangoria

“Turshen provides the linchpin as Cali, an unreliable instigator whose crisis-management skills verge on the extreme.”  The Hollywood Reporter

“…it is Turshen’s performance as Cali, which really keeps the momentum of the story going. She is bold and feisty… She sets the screen alight and certainly seems like a keen new participant for future scream queen.” Front Row Reviews

“Alexandra Turshen as Cali exemplifies the bad bitch attitude that will make you think ‘damn has she done this before?’ …her performances stands out as it should.” Horror Movies Uncut

“Turshen is clearly in her element… Body does have some truly tense and unsettling moments – in particular Turshen’s murderous scream…” TV BOMB

#BoyMeetsGirl Reviews

BoyGirl04-2*Winner Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Film Out San Diego Film Festival (Festival & Audience Awards)

“Alexandra Turshen… brings immense beauty, charm and generosity to her glowing performance.” Trust Movies

“Alexandra Turshen is an actress capable of the multiple layers that the complex role demands – perky and bubbly at first glance, sensitive yet resilient underneath the surface.” Film Inquiry

“Turshen is a luminous presence and gives Francesca’s narrative arc an unexpected poignancy.” So So Gay

“…instantly likable spontaneity”… “With a lovely, generously expressive mouth like Carol Burnett or Mary Tyler Moore, Turshen is captivatingly charming…” Film Journal

“Turshen fleshes out her femme fatale role quite nicely, making Francesca a free-thinking independent woman and not just a free-wheeling rich kid on a spree.” Washington Blade