My Story

Once upon a time I was a ballet dancer. dance During my first year with a professional company I sustained a career ending injury. Needing to find my new raison d’être, I enrolled at Mount Holyoke College. I gravitated towards history classes, politics, and I eventually focused in International Human Rights Politics. I studied abroad in Argentina juan, learned to speak Spanish, and further explored my interest in Human Rights.

When I returned to school I casually tried my hand in some of MHC school’s productions. tinkerbell The notion of pending law school applications soon faded away… I had found my true calling.

Over the years my life has taken some pretty dramatic turns, but one day I hope to merge my love of dance, acting and storytelling with stories of people and places I have studied and care deeply about.

Facts about me:

I love photography. beehidingSunsetfish

Favorite book*:  Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese *note this is always changing.

Favorite TV shows: Right now? Borgen. In the past? Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

I play ice hockey. goalie

I love perfume. It’s kinda my thing.

I’m a middle child. sisters They’re my best friends.

My favorite role: Aunty. aunty

I have two children: Catrick Swayze a.k.a. “Swayze” swayze and Birgitte Nyborg a.k.a. “Gitta”. gitta It gets snuggly around here. snuggle

Get woke. blm Stay woke. pride Be happy. happy